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Brooklyn’s Daily Discovery Pre K Center @ 10 Bouck Court Comfort Dogs
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The DOE's Comfort Dog Program focuses on the impact of comfort dogs on social-emotional learning (SEL), school climate, and student success in schools. Because of the success of the program, the DOE has expanded the program for the current school year. We are excited to be a part of the Department Of Education’s comfort dog program. As a Pre K center, we strongly believe that the comfort dog program aligns with and supports our vision for all of our students and feel fortunate to implement the program.

Ms. Jillian Conigliaro (Social Skills and Sensory Support Cluster Teacher) will lead the team and classroom instruction.

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Welcome to 3K & Pre-K
All About Me

Our new school year begins as we welcome the newest members of the Daily Discovery family! 3K & Pre-K students are learning about themselves, what makes them special and unique and what it means to be in school. They are also becoming familiar with all the special people in their school community

Buildings Unit

We have loaded up our tool boxes with our love of learning! Using our neighborhood buildings as our inspiration Pre-K students have become architects and builders. From designing blueprints to building skyscrapers we have learned that if you can dream it you can build it!

Family Engagement

Parents are always a welcome addition to the Brooklyn's Daily Discovery Family. As part of our curriculum parents are invited in to the classrooms and virtually to create a theme based project or take part in a culminating activity with their child. All members of the family are welcome and encouraged to participate. 





Clothing Unit

Our students showed off their best runway moves as they took part in a fashion shows to reveal their creations. Some of these seasons hottest Pre-K looks inspired by the clothing unit were, Seasonal Clothing, Uniforms for Community Helpers and Multicultural Clothing. Our future fashion designers really dressed to impress. 


Our wheels are really turning in Pre -K!! By land ,sea or air Pre K- explores how different vehicles help us in the community. Students used a variety of materials to create airplanes, boats , cars and trucks and learned how those vehicles and the community workers that use them are a vital part of our world.  Our transportation unit has planted the seeds for our future, police officers , firefighters , EMT's and FedEX delivery people.


As we explore our unit on transformation, students are learning about how people and animals change. We are so excited to welcome our new baby chicks and their brothers and sisters still growing in the incubator. Students will be in charge of caring for the chicks and we will be able to watch as our newest family members emerge from their eggs. We will track their progress daily by candling the eggs and looking for changes . 

Recycling & Composting

Our Pre-K classes are saving the earth one worm at a time! We have learned all about the importance of recycling and have become experts at reducing and reusing items in the classroom. Students are now exploring composting and our worm friends are helping us get ready for our unit on plants and trees! Each classroom has its own compost bin and students are so excited to welcome the worms into the Daily Discovery family.

Chinese Dance Troupe

As part of our celebration of Chinese New Year , the dance troupe from David A . Boody IS 228  performed for our students and families. With their combination of flags, fans and bright beautiful clothing the students were captivated by their graceful dance moves. Students even got a chance to dance with the troupe and learn some traditional Chinese dances. 

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