Fill Your Spirit Week  : April 13th - 17th 

Moving your body helps you stay healthy and gives you energy. You can dance, exercise, meditate or run. When we move we keep our body strong , our energy flowing and our mind clear. Making sure our children move helps them regulate their emotions and promotes wellness. Find a way to move together you enjoy!

NYC DOE - The ARTS (Dance, Moving Image, Music, Theater & Visual Arts)

NYC DOE - DANCE - Action Word Hunt

Dancing with the Stars - Ms. Misrok

Namaste - Yoga with Ms. Mercurio

So You Think You Can Dance - Dancing with Ms. Mercurio

Dancing with Cups (& Ms. Mercurio)

Zumba! I can do a Sports Dance

Zumba for Kids

Work Out with Curious George

Fidget Spinner Yoga - Namaste

Garden Yoga for Kids

Trees & Plants - Kid Yoga Poses

Obstacle Course At Home ~ Let Your Inner Engineer Shine

Building an Indoor Obstacle Course

Simon Says!

Yoga Cards - (Part 2)

Yoga Cards - (Part 3)


Yoga Fun for Kids


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