Fill Your Spirit Week  : April 13th - 17th 

If you are singing, listening or playing music it is an activity that brings us all together. Music soothes, motivates and tells a story. Share your favorite music with your child. Make instruments , sing and lift up your voices together! Here is a little inspiration.

NYC DOE - The Arts (Dance, Moving Image, Music, Theater and The Visual Arts)


NYC DOE - Plan a Birthday Party - Let Your Inner DJ Soar!



Strike Up the Band, Freeze Dance, Draw What You Hear  (and more!)

Water Xylophone

#1 Most Played at Brooklyn's Daily Discovery - The Wheels on the Bus

A top request at Brooklyn's Daily Discovery - Old MacDonald

Grammy PreK Award Winner - Head Shoulders Knees and Toes

Do you hear what I hear?  Can you hear the rain?  Create a musical rain stick  . . .

Children's Music Websites


Going on a Bear Hunt


Sing, Sing a Song - Karaoke at Home Ideas

Sing a Song, la la la la la - PreK Song Cards - How many do you know?

Pa Rum Pum Pum Pum ~ Get Ready to Drum - Music Day Activities

I can name that tune in  . .  . 4 notes - play Name that Tune

Music Match


Music with Hands - Solfege Hand Signs

Do you feel the rhythm of the beat? ~ Musical Patterns

Fruits & Vegetables Sing Along

Get your dancing shoes and microphones ready - Let's Hear You Sing!

Now Sing This! with Ella Jenkins (article from NAEYC)

Playing Music at Home (NAEYC article) - Children love to sing!


Sing, Baby, Sing - Sing With Me Baby - NAEYC article

Support Math Readiness Through Music

Make Animal Music

Los sonidos y la música de animales

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