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Art Class Girl

If you like to paint , draw, sculpt or color find a way to add beauty to the world. Art gives us freedom it teaches us that in art there are no mistakes. So get messy have fun and create together. 

NYC DOE ~ Art Family Fun (Dance, Moving Image, Music, Theater, Visual Arts)


NYC DOE - Family Fun with Art Making & Looking at Art

April Showers 3D Umbrella

Blossom Tree

Creating a Mosiac

Making a Nature Loom

Making a Rainbow

Nature Color Scavenger Hunt

Painting with Bubbles

Newspaper Trees


Meaningful Art Projects - NAEYC Article - interesting FUN!

Dot Painting aka Georges Seurat's Pointillism


Read All About It!  Newspaper Art

Spring is in the Air ~ Let your budding entomologist and arachnologists explore and create insects and arachnids; Will you create a new species? - Share your finds and the names of your insects and arachnids

Supporting the Development of Creativity - NAEYC article - Let your child's creativity soar

Van Gogh and the Sunflowers


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Van Gogh and the Sunflowers.docx.png
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