Week 4 April 20th-24th

Caterpillar Counting

Give the Squirrel a nut or two or three, etc.

Tweet, Tweet, How many birds do you see?

Ladybug Counting

Animal Puzzle

Memory Match - "Concentrate"

Ladybugs, Butterflies, Dragonflies  . . .  How many will visit your garden?

How Many Birdies? (Part 1: Instructions & Birdies)

How Many Birdies (Part 2) - Trees

Who Lives in Trees? (sorting game)

Bird Nest Sensory Bottle

Are you as crafty as a bird?  Gather natural objects to create a bird's nest

Yes! Feed the Birds

Build a Bird Feeder - Notice who comes to visit; keep a tally chart to track the color or size of the birds

Heigh-ho, Heigh-ho, a digging we will go

Nature Scavenger Hunt

Earn your tree animal badge; how many can you identify?

Grow an onion with Ms. Christine

Math-How many birds are in the tree.png

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