Week 5 -June 8th-12th

Oh! How I Have Grown!


How Tall Am I?  Measure Your Body with Blocks (or tissue boxes, books, socks, etc.)


Measure Your Growth


Let's Make a Fingerprint Graph


Human Life Cycle Sequence


How Tall Are You?


Upcycled Recycled Items - What can you build with your recycled items?


How Have I Grown?


How Strong Are You?



"Left foot, Left Foot, Right foot, Right.  Feet in the Morning, Feet a Night."  Have fun painting your feet and then putting them in size order.  (Find out who has ticklish feet!)


How Much Did I Grow?

Skeleton - Building My Body


My Five Senses


Look At the Lifecycle of Humans (Part 1)


Look At the Lifecycle of Humans (Part 2 - Create a Mini Book)


Shadow Sidewalk Chalk


Invisible Ink - Write a Secret Message


Changes, Changes  . . .  smaller to BIGGER


Diaper Time


Magnifying Glass Game


What's My Prediction?


Diaper Exploration with Ms. B (Video)


Let's Make Bubbles

Guess Who?


Guess the Baby Picture Game


What Do Babies Need?


All About Me Timeline


Body Tracing


Play Dough People


My Family


Create Your Own Baby Food


Time for a Bath


Cup Challenge


Sequence the Human Life Cycle


Sorting Clothes by Size


We Love Our Family to Pieces

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